Game Designer
School Project

Space Brewers is a management/rogue-lite game where the minion the player controls are drunken brewers.

Alcohol IS a feature : brewers will act differently depending on their drunkenness and might even make the player's life impossible if they don't find the way to discipline them!

The player can pick the beer family they like best: each family has its own stats and base layout. They can then chose between various objects to build depending on their play style and enhance, repair or destroy them at will.

While building their brewery, the player can answer messages from all around the galaxy and deal with the random events they announce. They can also give out missions to mercenaries and send them to other sectors in the galaxy to deliver beer, be diplomatic... or sabotage their rivals!

The player will have to take the right decisions to avoid bankruptcy!

Main tasks:

  • Designing game mechanics
  • Defining features precisely to help programmers and artists work more efficiently
  • Defining the game's world
  • Designing and writing missions, messages and random events letting the player chose how they will react to them
  • Creating and keeping up-to-date design documents (GDD, content and balance excels)
  • Creating UI mockups
  • Balance

About me

Passionate Narrative/Game Designer, I seek opportunities to work on stimulating projects and develop my skills.

I want to make games that provide a strong and meaningful narrative experience.

Favorite types of games

RPG, Action/Adventure, Infiltration, Visual Novel...

... and almost every interesting gaming experience.