Game Designer
School Project

Grand prize among end-year projects.

Projet Omega is an Android tablet competitive game opposing 2 players. Each player controls 2 characters: an attacker and a defender. Using their characters’ special abilities, they must kill their opponent’s characters to win the round.

There are 7 attackers and 7 defenders, each with a unique power (shooting a bomb that explode on impact, absorbing one enemy projectile and throwing it back as a friendly one…). Players can chose to fight in 4 different arenas, each with their own characteristics.

Based on the comic "La Brigade Chimérique" which takes places between the two World Wars, the game is set in a dark universe: the characters the player can control are french children genetically modified to become human weapons. Each children has its own backstory related to their power. They must fight each other under the orders of scientists and rich investors (which the player represents): only the last one standing will be able to get out.

Main tasks :

  • Design of the game concept
  • Design of characters’ abilities
  • Prototyping of defender characters
  • Balance
  • QA Test

About me

Passionate Narrative/Game Designer, I seek opportunities to work on stimulating projects and develop my skills.

I want to make games that provide a strong and meaningful narrative experience.

Favorite types of games

RPG, Action/Adventure, Infiltration, Visual Novel...

... and almost every interesting gaming experience.