Level Designer
Professional Project
Cyanide Studio
Focus Home Interactive

Games released in June 2015 on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and PS3.

Pro Cycling Manager 2015 is a real-time simulation game where the player can become the sporting director of one of the 90 teams of professional cyclists and participate in over 200 competitions all over the world.

Tour de France 2015 let the player become a professional rider competing in the “Grande Boucle”, the famous french cycling competition.

Main tasks:

  • Designing 20+ stages for both games
  • Building the environment (cities, forest, fields) using Google Earth to insure that each stage gives out a different feeling based on the real-life regions
  • QA Testing of stages
  • Correcting stages
  • Looking for areas of improvement for the game editor

About me

Passionate Narrative/Game Designer, I seek opportunities to work on stimulating projects and develop my skills.

I want to make games that provide a strong and meaningful narrative experience, no matter their genre.

Favorite types of games

RPG, Action/Adventure, Infiltration, Visual Novel...

... and almost every interesting gaming experience.