Game Designer, Administrator
Personal Project

I was part of the administration team of one of the top 3 french minecraft server (2011/2012) that gathered more than 100 concurrent players and more than 1000 players overall.

As one a the leading administrators, I had to manage moderators and find ways to keep our players satisfied and interested.

The server was "semi-roleplay" and comported a level system with specific objectives and a complex money-based economy.

Main tasks:

  • Designing objectives and balancing player progression
  • Designing a complex economical system, keeping it balanced as the server developed
  • Designing and organizing events periodically (quests, mini-games,puzzles)
  • Building the server (monuments, roads, teleportation points)
  • Managing the moderation team
  • Supporting players through an in-game moderation request system
  • Coding and/or managing plugins
  • Designing the server website

I won with this server the french Minecraft contest "24H du Build", hosted by Millenium et broadcast at "la Cité des Sciences", as one of the 4 team leaders.

I also helped another minecraft server as a world/background adviser and city designer/builder. The server only used minecraft as a support to provide a full roleplay experience inspired by pen and paper roleplay.

About me

Passionate Narrative/Game Designer, I seek opportunities to work on stimulating projects and develop my skills.

I want to make games that provide a strong and meaningful narrative experience.

Favorite types of games

RPG, Action/Adventure, Infiltration, Visual Novel...

... and almost every interesting gaming experience.