Game Designer
School Project

Maazmeca is a 2-4 players strategy board game. In this game, 4 Pre-Columbian civilizations fight to be the ones to fulfil an ancient prophecy that will destroy the world.

To fulfil this prophecy, the player has to perform several rituals that will give him Prophecy Points. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins. Each ritual requires specific ressources and a location: both can be found on the board. The ressources tokens are hidden and randomly distributed on the "Ressource locations" at the beginning of the game.

The game is divided in 4 seasons: time passes when a ritual is performed. Each season has its own set of possible rituals: while performing a ritual gets harder with time, it is also more rewarding. When a season is over, the ressources are redistributed.

During the game, the player can spend Action Points to move their pawns, go take the ressources they need and bring them to the ritual locations. They might however be stopped by another player. Indeed, pawns can attack each other and even steal ressources: to win, players must use their opponents' actions against them and optimize their own. It is also possible for players to Pray, exchanging Action Points for a random Prayer Card which will give them an advantage in either fighting others or moving on the board.

Main tasks:

  • Design of the game’s rules
  • Organizing playtests

About me

Passionate Narrative/Game Designer, I seek opportunities to work on stimulating projects and develop my skills.

I want to make games that provide a strong and meaningful narrative experience.

Favorite types of games

RPG, Action/Adventure, Infiltration, Visual Novel...

... and almost every interesting gaming experience.